Project Management Services

The approach of delivering small and big tasks all via “a project” lies at the heart of the successful enterprise.

At Project CC we live and breathe “Project Management”.

Each minor and major task is treated equal as a project.


Business Consulting Services

Both large multi-national corporations as well as smaller entrepreneurial business share the continual appetite for growth.

It is not always possible to employ a permanent resource especially when there is a lot of uncertainty.

It does perhaps make sense to consider outsourcing a portion of the business development cycle to Project CC.


Business Support Services

Whether on a large corporate scale or in the micro economy, there are constant change with a flux in resources requirements.

There might be times the organization finds itself short on internal skills.

Project CC has the experience to provide Business Support Services.


  Executive Accountability

Trust Leadership

Problem Solving

Entrapreneurship Services

The term entrapreneurship is the “corporate equivalent” to entrepreneurship.

Both concepts have in common the creative mix of tasks to take smart ideas and sculpt these into reality.

Project CC has been in the entrepreneurship business for more than two decades.


Documentation Development Services

Documentation is generated in large volumes by the business.

The more “specialized” documents take much effort, and therefor sometimes are neglected altogether.

Project CC can help to take away this pain.


Sales and Business Development

Looking for new customers and business opportunities abroad?
creativity and personal approach
Working in the field of international sales and marketing, trade and business development, Project CC help your business to expand into foreign markets.
Many companies that would like to expand their business into Africa. These companies are however hampered by several limiting factors.
We aim to help the medium sized organisation to overcome these limiting factors and thus fill this gap of the seeming “inability and inertia” for expansion, by offering a unique and competent service of “being available” for the firms wherever they wish to expand.


Effective Communication

Positive Determination

Sales International Unlimited