Recently Completed Projects

As at: 1 April 2016

2013 / 2014

Project Control Consulting finalised the development of *EPC Technical Documents for customer(s) to build LPG Terminals in Nigeria.

These Gas Storage facilities are being developed for different customers.

The project(s) entails the construction of a storage facility for a total of around 8,000 metric ton Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG). The LPG will be stored in eight separate pressurized bullet type vessels.


In 2015 Project Control Consulting engaged with several West Africa project owners, both private and in government, for the development of large capital intensive infrastructure projects.

These projects span over several industries: oil, gas, marine, roads, transportation and housing.

We completed particular research regarding the utilisation of Natural Gas as a resource in the Nigerian market.

Of special interest also was our involvement in new housing estate development, also in Nigeria.


In 2016 we are continuing the expansion of the DEAC (Dutch Energy Africa Cooperation) activities, linking OEMs with large project opportunities in Africa.

Our main focus remain on West Africa with the ongoing exploration of the project opportunities we have started with local key partners.

*EPC Engineering Procurement and Construction