Project Control Consulting invites you to discuss with us your Project Management requirements

We also specialise in Document Development, Business Support and Consulting Services.

We gladly hear from you, and you can expect an immediate response.

Project CC does work for small, medium and large firms.


Our objective is to, from start-up, take control and be very effective in a short timeframe, start supporting the organisation in its Project, Business or Documentation needs.


Project CC working remotely or as an expatriate on Projects at the customer premises in (almost) any country in the world is certainly achievable.


If the business or project requires extensive travel, Project CC can accomplish this without any distress.


For each project - large or small, Project CC and the firm shall enter into a formal contract, stipulation the terms and conditions of the engagement.

This should be the only piece of "red tape" and we are geared to act very quickly.

Customer Project Expansion

Project Control Consulting is very well connected to a network of very competent resources i.e. Managers, Engineers and other Staff. Should your resource needs grow extend beyond our internal capacity, we certainly can suggest, source and add additional skills to serve you even better.