Reiner Biewenga is the entrepreneurial brain within Project Control Consulting B.V.

During his career of 20+ years' Reiner has worked in several industries i.e Telecom, IT, Manufacturing, Engineering, Services, Military, Mining and Oil and Gas.

With a worldview mindset, a systems approach in solving problems and a passion for Project Management, Reiner highly values the efficient use of time and living a life of excellence in everything he does.

Reiner has experience in managing Large-Scale Projects through its full lifecycle, working across functional team environments.

He has worked with teams starting up and managing new Ventures and Business Units within the larger organization, fulfilling all the functions and roles these responsibilities entail.


B.Eng. Electronics Engineering 

University of Pretoria - Sout Africa - 1990

MBL - Masters Business Leadership

UNISA School of Business Leadership

Midrand South Africa - 2010 

Project Management - Cum Laude

Cranefield School of Project Management

Midrand South Africa -  2000


Reiner began working in 1989 for the Electronic Systems Engineering firm Ewation as RF* Electronics Development Engineer.

He  progressed to Systems Engineer overseeing the development of large scale Electronic Engineering Defence System Projects.

In 1999 he helping to establish a new Enterprise VOIP Products and Systems SBU within Swedish-SA company Saab-Grintek Telecom.

In 2000 Reiner accepted a Project Manager Career opportunity at Vodacom (Vodafone) South Africa to manage and implement the GSM1800 Frequency Spectrum Project in Vodacom – at the time the largest technical project in financial terms and scope at in the company’s history.

Reiner then also went on and headed up Vodacom's national GPRS Project implementation.

As part of Vodafone’s internal management succession program, Reiner’s career at Vodafone led him in 2004 into Africa where he worked for Vmobile Nigeria.

*RF Radio Frequency

At Vmobile Nigeria (bought by Celtel and again later by India's Bharti-Airtel) Reiner headed up the Engineering Project Management Division.

In this role he fulfilled several different functions and responsibilities - Contract Management, Site Roll-out, Procurement, Specification Development, Call Centre Building Projects, Training, Staff Skills Development and Knowledge Transfer.

When the Multi-national Mobile Operator Celtel gave him the opportunity to work for the Group of Companies at their Head Office in Hoofddorp (Close to Schiphol), he moved his family and office to the Netherlands.

Reiner went on to head up several large Enterprise Projects and travelled extensively into Africa.

During this time Reiner completed his Business Studies and obtained his Masters Degree in Business Leadership.

For his Master Dissertation, Reiner researched of one his passion topics and obtained a distinction for this Research Paper on:

“The Corporate Social Responsibility of African and Middle East Mobile Operators towards Climate Change, and the potential impact of its Carbon Footprint”.

Reiner started Project Control Consulting B.V. in 2008 in the Netherlands and subsequently worked with several international companies providing Project Management, Business Development and Marketing services in Europe, the Middle East and in Africa.

South Africa is the “Gateway into Africa”, and being born and lived in South Africa most of his life, Reiner has accumulated a wealth of experience of the “Business acumen of Africa”.

Apart from South Africa and several other Africa countries, Reiner worked in Lagos, Nigeria for several years.

He has developed the experience, business contacts and the understanding of the challenged heartbeat of Africa to make projects on the continent a success.

With a quility perspective on all tasks, Reiner has a strong analytical ability to solve problems, with outstanding communication skills.

Reiner is a self-starter taking the initiative whenever an opportunity arises.

Reiner has the qualities to be the “glue” of any project, and with the Leadership style to attract resources and keep them motivated throughout the project life cycle – even in adverse circumstances.

Passion for Excellence

Passion for Effectiveness

Passion for  Projects

Specific Key Skills

Key Attitudes

Key Values

Strong Leadership Skills

• Marketing and Sales

• Strong Planning Mindset

• Time Management Focus

• Strong Organising Skills

• Systems Approach

• Problem Solving

• Analytical

• Work of Excellence

• Technical Mindset

• Strong Administration Skills

• Resource Allocation

• Building High Performance Teams

• Documentation Development


• Creative

• Tenacious

• Adaptable

• Customer Focused

• Open Minded

• Continuous Learning

• Self Starter

• Assertive

• Positive “can-do” attitude

• Committed

• Servantship

• Customer Focus

• Work of Excellence

Building true friendships and business relationships based on trust, ethics, humility, transparency, honesty, fairness and mutual respect.

If we do not live up to these values, please let us know.

To complete the work on earth the Creator has tasked us to do.

Efficient Spending of Time

Being Respected and Reputable

Excellence in everything we do

Being Organized, Proactive and Innovative