Project Control Consulting B.V. provides Project Management Services

Our area of expertise is Infrastructure Project Development Services.

We assist project owners to Fund their projects.

With an extensive business skillset we help the organisation to execute its immediate project requirements and to solve and overcome its immediate unsolved problems.

Project Control Consulting B.V. provides excellence in interim (contract)Technical Project Management services.

Projects come and go and so does the organisations' manpower requirements.

This flux in resource requirements are successfully addressed by utilising Project CC as an Outsourced Contract Resource.

Our Key Strength is supporting the firm's executive management to reach both their strategic and operational goals.

Project CC step into many of these required positions inside the organisation without much effort. 

Businesses large and small are in constant evolvement from being good in becoming great.

To maintain this success the organisation thus needs to continuously develop, reorganize and maintain their operations.

Use our project management service, or apply our executive skills to head up a strategic business unit within the organisation.

Our speciality focus is the development of documentation over a wide range of categories.

Proper documentation development and configuration control is for many businesses an Achilles heel.

It takes a special effort by the organisation to preserve and properly communicate the business’ tacit and explicit knowledge.

It takes a special breed of person to love documentation and create a work of art from it.

This is what Project CC love to do.

Project CC has acquired a generalised skillset to very quickly dissect and assimilate problems and tasks in the Business Environment. 

We know how to solve problems and how to execute tasks effectively.
Managers, in especially small to medium sized organisations, many times face a specific skill shortage.

Our abilities, offer managers the confidence that we can deliver on integration tasks and small projects within the organisation.

Project CC work across functional teams, sometimes geographically dispersed over different cultures and countries in small and large international and multinational companies.

Operating at both strategic and tactical levels, we boast an ambitious multi-skilled technical sales and business development skillset with a strong entrepreneurial and problem solving mind-set.

With a sound commercial sense Project CC offers an enterprising and professional driven sales skillset from extensive all-round experience in several different industries, disciplines and cultures in different countries.

Sales and business development, working in tandem with all stakeholders, local and remote business partners and technical teams.

Refer to the Duth Energy Africa Website for details about some of the companies we are collaborating with.

Project Control Consulting B.V. is based in the Netherlands.

We work in Europe, the Middle East and in Africa.

Our pride is successful delivery of ethical work of excellence.

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Trust us to help.
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